Lind Juleena Raven

Far/Sire: Lind Ranger M
Mor/Dam: Tullesbo Willa D (sold to Austria)
Grandsire: Gradells Vigilante

This filly has it all. Looks, pedigree and hight. She is breathtaking. Super feminine with postitive attitude. Always first at the gate, and want to go for new adventures.

With this pedigree stuffed with bloodlines whitch are very dear to us, we were planning to keep her as a future broodmare. Then Camilla came to visit. You know Morgans chooses you, and this was confirmed this day. Raven chooses Camilla, and Camilla chooses Raven. What more can we ask for? Of course Raven need to become Camillas equestrian partener. Camilla who has been dreaming of a true western horse since she was a little girl. With Raven she can do it all. Western, carriage, dressage, endurance and trail. We are so happy for both of them! Such a lovely story. We wish both of them the best for the future!

This was the last we had of Gradells Vigilante, which was sire of Santa Fe Renegade, the famous western dressage horse of Eitan Beth-Halachmy. Now she is Camillas dream horse 🙂