Referansehingster – Reference Stallions

Since the Morgan breed is a relative new breed in Norway, we had to find stallions other places, both in USA and Europe. In 2016 we bought back our own stallion Lind Ranger M. He was made in USA at GR Morgans, before his dam GR Obsession left USA. He was a stallion in Sweden and sired one foal there before he was bought back to Norway.

Here is the stallions which sired our foals.

GR Chamberlain, born 2006


Pedigree: Sffm Talisman x Thunder Dark Ruby; Dark Thunder
Breeder and owner: Genetic Resources Morgans, Minnesota USA
Photo: Kim Viker

Sire to:
Lind Ranger M, born 2013 (dam: GR Obsession)

Tullesbo Cody, born 2010


Gradells Vigilante x Falkas Amalia; Viewhill Sunrise Emigrant
Breeder: Helén Clargårdeno
Owner: Näsudden stuteri, Sweden.
Photo: Anneli Sätter Wangenfors

Sire to:
Lind Magic Eren, born 2015 (dam: GR Obsession)

Näsuddens Moreno Leon, born 2009


Trailead Tucson x Puma Sabrina LR; ML Meadowlark Jazzspur
Breeder and owner: Näsudden Stuteri, Sweden.
Photo: Anneli Sätter Wangenfors

Sire to:
Lind Rocky Helena, born 2015 (dam: Treasure Justina)
Lind Ashley Reyne, born 2018 (dam: GR Obsession)

Lind Ranger M, born 2013

Pedigree: GR Chamberlain x GR Obsession; AOM Sundays Magic

Sire to:

Lind Vera Shadette, born 2017 (dam: Treasure Justina)
Lind Juleena Raven, born 2018 (dam: Tullesbo Willa D)
Lind Brego Vaquero, born 2019 (dam: Treasure Justina)
Lind Aquila Marrone, born 2019 (dam: Tullesbo Ella May)
Lind Lucky Luke, born 2020 (dam: Lind Rocky Helena)